Kodungallur was a feudal principality subordinate to the rulers of the Kingdom of Cochin since the latter half of the eighteenth century until the time of Indian independence. Kodungallur Royal Family had two branches at Chirakkal Kovilakam and at Puthen Kovilakam. The Chirakkal Kovilakam has two "nalukettu" structures, one larger than the other. The main residential building and two more old buildings, a water tank (known as "padakulam"), the family temple (dedicated to Talattil Bhagavati, a Hindu goddess) and Sarpakkavu are all within the Kovilakam Complex. The Kodungallur Kovilakam was renowned as a "Gurukulam", centre of learning.  Puthen Kovilakom meaning "new palace", is an extension of the main Kovilakom.


  • 2 km from Kodungallur
  • 40 km from Thrissur