Thrissur Zoo and State is a thirteen and a half acre (5.5 ha) zoo facility that opened in 1885 in the heart of Thrissur City. It is one of the oldest zoos in the country, and is home to the wide variety of animals, reptiles, and birds. The zoo includes a Zoological Garden, Botanical Garden, Natural History Museum and an Art Museum that showcase the socio-cultural heritage of the region in its compound.   The Thrissur zoo is home to a variety of fauna such as the endangered lion-tailed macaque, tiger, lion, sloth bear, and several species of deer and many birds including the pink flamingos. The Snake Park has an impressive reptile collection of king cobras, kraits, vipers and rat snakes.


  • Located in Chembukkavu 2 km from Thrissur Railway Station


Timings: Open 0900 - 1715 hrs on all days except Mondays; Ph: 0487 2333056