Vilangan Hills is a hillock located in Adat Panchayath. The hill gives a panoramic view of Thrissur city and Thrissur Kole Wetlands from the top. The hill is popularly referred as the ‘Oxygen Jar’ of Thrissur city. One can enjoy the cool breeze, beautiful sun set and view the whole Thrissur town from the hillock. It is a laterite hill with a radius of 8 kilometres; top area around 5 acres and height 80 metres from the sea level. The hill earlier was a military base and an observation camp during World War II. The hill has an open-air theatre, children’s park, Kudumbashree canteen, food court, walkway, view points, toilets etc. The hill has a medicinal garden called Asokavanam maintained by Vilangan Trekkers Club and Asokavanam Samiti in association with Department of Tourism  and Oushadhi. Vilangankunnu has another distinction of being perhaps the first differently abled friendly tourist spot in the state. The pathway, view points, sunset deck, food court, toilets etc. are all wheel chair and senior citizen friendly.


  • Vilangankunnu is located 5 km from Thrissur city. The foot of the hill opens at the highway near Amala Hospital and the road to the apex of the hill starts from here.


Timings: The hill remains open from 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM in the evening.