This is a prehistoric Megalith rock cut cave situated in Eyyal. Archaeological Survey of India has declared this cave as centrally protected monument. The cave can be accessed from single entry and its chamber is circular. The site here is situated in a double-chambered cave, the same outer court leading in front to the main chamber, X, with its roof now partly collapsed, and on the right hand, side to a smaller chamber, Y. The main chamber faces east and is nearly double the dimensions of the side. The bench inside X, 8 in. high from the floor, is of irregular width and runs along all sides except where the entrance is situated. The wide pedestal-like base of its central pillar is only an extension of the middle portion of its bench on the western side. Chamber Y has no central pillar but has a bench, 5 in. high from the floor, its width varying from 1 ft. 6 in. to 1 ft. 9 in., running along its eastern and northern sides. In the south-western corner of the cave and in the middle of its western side are two very crude and irregularly-shaped flat-surfaced blocks of the same height as the bench which may have been used for keeping vessels and other objects. Roman coins of the Republican period dating to first century AD were unearthed near this site.


  • Located 26 km from Thrissur
  • Located 6 km from Kunnamkulam 21/2 miles south of Cheramanangad on the Kunnamkulam – Wadakkancheri road