Locally known as Puzhakkal Padam, this river tourism project has been constructed by the Adat Panchayath on the banks of Puzhakkal River.  Puzhakkal River is a westward flowing river in Thrissur District and originates from Killannoor Hills and empties into Thrissur Kole Wetlands flowing for a length of twenty nine kilometres and has a total of two hundred and thirty four km2 drainage area. The main tributaries are Parathodu, Naduthodu, Poomalathodu and Kattachirathodu. The tourism spot is known for boating facilities, walkway and has a restaurant offering sumptuous Kerala cuisine on the banks. Parallel to the banks there is a tiled walkway with resting points. At Puzhakkal, one can also engage in bird watching and fishing. Numerous water birds are spotted on the river bed.


  • 7 km from Thrissur city on the Thrissur – Kozhikode Highway