Akamala, located two kilometres away from Wadakkanchery, is a highly fertile land known for ample vegetations, hills, thick forest, temples, poorams and fireworks. The ‘Pathinettara (eighteen and half) Kavu Vela’ is famous which takes place on the first day of Kumbham at different temples in and around the region. Akamala Desam derives its name from ‘aka’ means 'inside' and ‘mala’ means a ‘hill’. Akamala is known for its Ayyappa Temple and the nearby Uthralikkavu Temple. The temple of Ayyappa is located on the road and rail side. Almost all vehicles going through the highway put their offerings here. The place is covered with thick forest, valleys and plantations. In olden days, tribes in large numbers resided in the Akamala forest. Local people strongly believed that the place has a divine aura because of the presence of twin temples.


  • 18 km from Thrissur
  • 6 km from Wadakkancheri