This ancient temple, one among the one hundred and eight Siva Temples is located at Annamanada near Mala on the banks of Chalakkudi River. The main sanctum (Sreekovil) is majestic in rectangular form and is two storied without namaskara mandapa. The spacious mukha mandapa has two dwarapalakas just outside the inner sanctum. The sikhara of the sanctum has unique carvings of divine figures all in old charm rarely found now. Only the top portion of the balikkallu is seen with its legend associated with an untouchable lady who foundthe Sivalinga. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Shiva. The shivalinga is almost four feet tall facing east and is considered as the pleasing Kiratamoorthy in a pleasing mood while giving Pashupatastra to Arjuna. Parvathi and Ganapathi are also consecrated inside. To the north of main sanctum there is an enclosure for Lord Vishnu in a vatta-sreekovil. Sastha and Gosala Krishnan, in an enclosure resembling Goshala are consecrated outside the naalambalam. Outside the East Gopuram there are shrines of Kaali, Durga, Nagaraja, Krishna and Narasimha. It is believed that Pakkanar prayed to Lord Siva here. The temple is being administered by the Cochin Devaswom Board. Annamanada has produced some of the greatest ‘panchavadyam’ artists. 


  • 43 km from Thrissur
  • 18 km from Kodungallur