This is an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva is situated at Avanur. According to folklore, sage Parashurama has installed the idol making it a part of the one hundred and eight famous Shiva temples in Kerala. In the outer prakara, there are sub-shrines of Bagavathi and Ayyappa as well as a Naga idol under a tree along the old stone built outer temple wall.  In the inner prakara, the dwarapalakas are damaged but are kept as it is, leaving them in original form. In the inner sanctum there are shrines Ganapathi and Muruga.  The main deity of Lord Siva is facing west and is considered to be in Rowdra Bhava without the presence of Devi. There is a namaskara manda as well with a Nandi idol. There is an ancient pond with old laterite stone steps going down.


  • Located around 3 km east of the Thrissur-Kunnamkulam highway from Mundur junction
  • 9 km from Thrissur