This temple has the ancient scripts on its walls and roofs which show i is more than two thousand years old. It is believed that the temple was consecrated by Sage Agasthya and the place was called Agastyarppadathur. The temple occupies three and a half acres and is built out of lime stone, laterite stones, stuccos, terracotta tiles and woods. The main entrance is a single story tower with gabled roofs on it and has a huge Balikkallu. The main cell is a circular dwitala structure with a huge conical dome on it which makes this temple very attractive. The main temple walls and ceiling are filled with ancient scripts which states this temple is nearly two thousand years old. There is a fifty feet long flag pole is fixed inside this temple. The consecration here is done with three sankalpas- in the morning, Lord Shiva bless as Kiratamurthy, in the noon as Dakshinamoorthy and in the evening as Parvathi Parama Sivan. The namaskara-mandapam with 16 pillars (4 big and 12 small), has thickly carved wooden sculptures and architecture. It has got few murals and many wooden carving works notably Kirata story on it ceiling which makes it an ASI protected monument. The story of ‘palazhimadhanam’ is depicted on the ceiling of ‘namaskaramandapam’ besides navagrahas. The temple has inscription in vattezhuthu on either side of the entrance of the Sreekovil which are said to belong to King Goda Ravi of tenth century. The Nandi idol is relatively small. The well with the wooden pulley also has the stamp of tradition with it.



  • Located near Pullur, Vellangallur, 31km from Thrissur
  • 6 km from Irinjalakkuda