This is one of the most ancient temples of Kerala. The biggest double storied circular sanctum called ‘Thekkedathu’ (Southern) temple has the ‘Sadasivalingam’ consecrated by Lord Parasurama. Lord Siva with consort Sree Parvathy and son Kumara is seen on a single pedestal at ‘Vadakkedathu’ (Northern) temple. Maha Ganapathi, Dharmasasthavu, Nandikeswaran, Sundara Yakshi, Karottamma, Naga Devathas are the sub deities here. The big Balikkallu, the wooden carvings and the intricate dragon faced animal carvings around the sanctum is a sculptural marvel. The Lord here is in a state of happiness blessing everyone who comes to him. The legends associated with the temple and the five wonders ('Panchaascharyam') which was present in this temple is popular. There is no 'dhara' here while Guruthi is performed to Karrottu Bhagavathi. Similarly there are two Nandi idols here with 'Nivedyam' to the Nandi inside. Among the several wonders one is that the Nandi walks in this area during night. The Karrottu Bhagavathi idol present here besides a peepal tree is centuries old, probably the oldest of everything here.


  • Located near Kuzhur and Mala
  • 46 km from Thrissur
  • 15 km from Kodungallur