The place is noted for one of the most sacred place for funeral in Kerala – Iver Madom. The name ‘Iver Madom’ literally means ‘the abode of five’. The legends says that this is the place where Pandavas, after Kurukshetra war, got relief from their mental agony by doing prayers and Bali Tarpanas and Bharathapuzha is believed to have cleansed them of all their sins and restored their mental strength. Thus the place is connected with Pandavas, who is believed to have erected the Lord Krishna Temple dedicated to Parthasarathy here. Even now, hundreds of people come to Ivor Madom Sree Krishna temple and do the last rites and Bali Tarpanam to those departed souls dear to them. Pampadi is located on the Southern banks of Nila and is accessed by bridge from Lakkidi.


The eldest among the Pandavas, Dharmaputra is said to have erected a Lord Siva Temple also on the northern banks of the river and is known as Someshwaram. This shrine is located on the Northern banks of the River. The main deity Lord Siva is consecrated in Rowdra Bhava and is facing east. Sub-shrine of Ganesha is close to the main sanctum and Sri Ayyappa and Nagas are located outside the main shrine. The entry to the main shrine is a little elevated with a cute narrow passage. The sanctum in the form of Vatta Sreekovil is gold plated.  Murals of deities adorn the outer wall of the shrine. There is no flag-mast in this temple. The other side of the paddy field has three more Siva lingas consecrated beneath a big peepal tree. The Siva lingas - Kothakurussi Appan, Kirathamoorthy and Vetekarappan, are more than five feet tall and are facing west.



  • On the banks of River Bharathapuzha or Nila, km from Ottappalam
  • 50 km from Thrissur
  • 5 Km from Thiruvilwamala Temple