According to ‘Keralolpathi’, Kizhthali Siva Temple existed during the Perumal reign (B.C 113-AD 343). There were so many Shiva temples in and around this main temple such as Melthali, Nediyathali and Chingapuram Thali. Kizhthali temple was first destroyed by the Portuguese and then Dutch. Then Tipu's army destroyed it further, except the garbagriham, which still stands. In its original glory, the temple boasted of a Koothu Parambu, a Kalari Parambu and a Kalapura Parambu. A walled compound with a 40 feet high brick red structure in its centre is what greets us now. Surrounding this sanctum are few broken idols, old bricks and an old well at a corner. The Nediathali Temple is being constructed on the Kodunagllur – Guruvayur Road,2 km from the town. Another ancient temple, Raveeshwarapuram lies south of Kodungallur Temple with a small pond and an abandoned Shivalinga.


  • 2 km south of Kodungallur
  • 40 km from Thrissur