Pambummekkattu Mana, is a famous temple devoted to Serpent Gods, situated at Vadama very close to Mala Town. It is believed that the divine presence of ‘Vasuki’ and ‘Nagayakshi’ are there in the ‘Kizhakkini’ of Pambummekkattu Mana making it one of the most famous Serpent worship centre in Kerala. It is spread over six acres of land with five ‘Serpant Kavus’ where the land is kept in its virgin style with huge trees and thick vegetation. Thousands of bats are dwelling on these trees. Only on rare occasions the devotees are allowed to enter into the Pambummekkattu Temple for worship. The most important occasion in Mekkattu Mana is first of Vrishchikam. That day is celebrated as the festival of Serpent Gods and every Serpent God is pleased that day by giving lime (calcium oxide) and milk. 


  • 40 km from Thrissur
  • 10km from Chalakkudi


Devotees are allowed inside the Mana generally during the first day of Malayalam month.