Peruvanam is one of the most ancient shrines of Kerala. The temple stands on a seven acre ground surrounded by a compound wall. The structure of Srikovil is square type with ‘tritala vimana’ which is very rare in Indian temples. Legend has it that the Saint Parashurama established sixty four Gramams or sections after reclaiming Kerala from sea and Peruvanam Gramam is the first and most important among them. It is said that the temple was created by Pooru Maharshi, the son of the Hasthinapura King Yayathi after propitiating the Load Shiva with rigorous penance and the name of the place got derived from the word ‘Pooruvanam’. It is believed that while transporting Shivalinga to this place, it happened to stuck in the branch of a tree and the present ‘Madathilappan’ Temple has been constructed at this place. Shiva in dual linga form is the main feature of the temple and Lord is called ‘Irttayappan’ which denote the duality. The Srikovil of ‘Madathilappan’ is considered to be one of the tallest Srikovil in South India while that of ‘Irattayappan’ is circular. Both temples are assignable to eleventh to twelfth centuries and have excellent wall murals. Now the temple is under the joint administration of Cochin and Travancore Devaswom Boards. The 6 acres of temple compound is rich in greenery and sprawling trees.


  • Located 12 km from Thrissur in Cherpu