This temple is located in Nadavaramba near Irinjalakuda and is perhaps the only temple in the world where the ‘Trimurtis’ sit in one pedestal in one sanctum sanctorum. With Brahma on the left, Shiva in the centre and Vishnu in the right, the Hindu triad represents the three primal aspects of Parabrahma (Almighty God). The legend says that there was a very learned and pious Namboodiri who happened to visit Irinjalakuda Sree Koodalmanikyam Temple. He had a precious holy shell with him into which the spirit of almost all gods and goddesses were invoked and kept. When he tried to invoke the spirit of the deity at Koodalmanikyam temple, the shell fell down and broke into pieces.

He was very disappointed and sad and traveled south to Kodungallur, when the trinity appeared and blessed him at this site.


  • 25 km from Thrissur
  • 3km from Irinjalakuda