Mayannur is a serene and beautiful green village right on the border of Thrissur District just across the bridge from Ottappalam. The place is best known for stone idols made of the soil from Mayannur which adorn various temples all over India. It can boast of several famous vintage namboothiri illams or manas too—including Ottur Mana, Thekkedath Mana, Swarnath Mana, Pidikaparambu Mana. ‘Mayannur Kavu’ is the abode of Shri Kurumba Bhagavathi. Annual festival of this temple is enthusiastically celebrated during April/May with a gorgeous procession of elephants carrying Bhagavathi’s idol. This place is home to temples dedicated to Lord Ram and Lord Siva. The folklore here says, Sultan Tipu’s army invaded the village and demolished the Moolannur Kavu which is in ruins since then. ‘Bhoodhan Colony’, as its name denotes, is another feature here and is a colony built on the land donated by late Shri Sundara Iyer to Acharya Vinoba Bhave, founder of the Bhoodhan movement, when he visited Mayannur. K S Raman Menon Smaraka Grameena Vayanasala, the Mayannur Gandhi Ashram and Thanal, the orphanage is also located here.


  • Mayannur is located on the southern banks of Nila, 3 km from Ottappalam across the bridge.
  • 50 km from Thrissur