Marottichal Waterfalls is a popular tourist attraction located in Puthoor Panchayath. The place is famous for trekking through forest and through two waterfalls, Olikkayam and Ilanjippara. Beautiful and serene, the falls are almost unexplored and virgin making it one of the finest spots for spending some tranquil moments amidst nature, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

The first waterfall Olikkayam is located about 300-400 meters from the main road and is a place where one can swim and bathe amidst a green environment for a refreshing and relaxing feeling. A brief leisurely 4 km trek from Olikkayam waterfalls takes one to Ilanjippara waterfalls. The place with its abundance of flora and fauna offers some breathtaking views of the dense forest. Both waterfalls offer a wonderful view of nature’s beauty at its best with the waters falling from a cluster of rocks to a gorge below.


  • 21 km from Thrissur city


  • The waterfalls play hosts to elephants during the summer season. It is best to venture there in groups especially to the Ilanjippara waterfalls on order to avoid any dangerous encounters.
  • Ilanjippara Waterfall, being the main waterfall is situated inside Reserve Forest and the entry to this waterfall is currently restricted by Kerala Forest Department. Any unauthorized entry will attract imprisonment of one to five years and up to a fine of ?5000.