Established in 1984, the sanctuary covers an area of about 85.067 km2  on the Western slopes of the Nelliyampathi Hills. Along with the neighboring Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary it forms a continuous protected area of 210 km2. It also lies just west of Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, The sanctuary consists of the watershed areas of Kurumali  and Mupliam Rivers and the Chimmony Dam  built across the Chimmony River. There are 39 species of mammals, 160 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles, 14 species of amphibians, 31 species of fishes and a variety of butterflies reported from the sanctuary. The inumerable trekking trails provide great experience for the nature enthusiasts. The highest peak in sanctuary is Punda peak that rises to 1116 m. Ecotourism facilities are operated by Wildlife Warden, Chimmini sanctuary. Tourists have to get entry pass from Forest Check post and Information Counter for visiting the destination.


  • 41 km from Thrissur