Placid and scenic backwaters make Chettuva a popular tourist destination. Dotted with mangrove vegetation and islets, the place is known for the tranquility it offers. The estuary is also a scenic place. Chettuva and Enammavu are the two lakes flowing along Manaloor, Chettuva, Kandassankadavu, and Thriprayar. It’s into these lakes that the Canoli canal flows. It takes more than five hours for a boat spin along the waters formed by the two lakes. It’s a ride down life, tradition, rustic charm, and the hospitality of a people. Land strips lined with coconut palms, small toddy shops, migratory birds swooping down for their catch, dark and brooding mangroves, and fishermen in their small canoes are sights to savor.  In the heart of Chettuva Lake is the biggest mangrove forest in Kerala which owe their lush growth to the sediments thrown up by Kanoli canal and Enamavu Lake.


  • 27 km from Thrissur
  • 10 km from Chavakkad town
  • 12 km from Guruvayur