The Cochin State Forest Tramway was a 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) meter gauge narrow gauge railway line that ran from the Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary in Palakkad District to the town of Chalakkudi in Thrissur District. Operating from 1907 to 1963, it served the State of Cochin and brought prosperity by enabling the transport of teak and rosewood from the forest into town to be exported abroad. This idea was put forward by J.C. Kolhoff, first Conservator of Forests of the city of Cochin, and was implemented by V. Alwar Chetty, a forest officer on special duty. Finally in 1963, it was abolished and became a historic landmark of erstwhile Cochin State.


  • Located in Chalakkudi town. The tram route in town has been converted as a road now.