Located in Mala panchayath, the Jewish Synagogue is one of the oldest synagogues in the India. The former synagogue as it stands today is located at a prominent location in the center of town. The Jewish cemetery is also located a short distance to the east of the synagogue. The synagogue was built in the 11th century and reconstructed in the 14th century and partly rebuilt twice in 1792 AD and in 1909 AD. A hypothesis even proposes that the town's name Mala may have originated from the Hebrew word "Mal-Aha", which means "Center of Refugee". The Synagogue is currently defunct and does not have any religious material inside it. The structure and the cemetery are looked after by Mala Village Panchayath from 1955 onwards.


  • Located in Mala town, 40 km from Thrissur city
  • 11 km from Kodungallur town