According to the Kerala legend, the great Aadi Sankaracharya is said to have achieved his Mahaasamaadhi at Thrissivaperoor (Thrissur) and his Panchabhouthika is at Thrissur Vadakkumnatha Temple where ‘Sanghu Chakra Thara’ exists. The then Cheraman Perumal, Rajasekhara Varma invited the four Sishyas (disciples) of the Aachaarya and constructed four Mutts on the eastern side of the Padinjare Chira (pond) and gave one each to the four disciples thereby originating the Thekke Madhom by Padmapadacharya, Edayil Madhom by Thodakacharya, Naduvil Madhom by Sureshwaracharya and Vadakke Madhom by Hasthamalakacharya. It is the oldest Vedic school still running in India.


  • Located near Padinjarechira in Thrissur city, 2 km from Railway Station