This pond is located near North Bus Stand and Ashokeswaram Siva Tempe. Members of the Cochin Royal Family and priests of the Ashokeswaram Temple used to have bath at the bathing ghats on the northern side of the pond, and the public at those on other sides. Elephants used to be bathed at ghats on the eastern side. The ghats for elephants are reminiscent of 18th and 19th century architecture. The re-designed pond has a walkway on the southern side, sculptural seats, gateways Padippuras, pools, fountains, a gallery and a rock garden. The pond is a four hectare ecosystem complete with plants, birds, sacred groves and butterfly gardens and is home to many avian species. The pond also has a water supply system catering to the city.


  • Located 2 km from Thrissur Railway Station